Park Security Systems Video Surveillance
Commercial Surveillance

"I have used Park Security for many years both personally and professionally. They have always been quick to respond and the camera systems have helped us out on several different occasions. With remote camera viewing, and now adding the alarm video verification, I can be assured that we are protected at all times. I would whole-heartedly recommend Park Security Systems to anyone." 

~ Chad Shirey - Window World


Create a safer environment for your employees with video surveillance systems by PARK Security Systems. These security systems deter theft, violence and vandalism while limiting false claims. You can’t be at your business 24/7, but your surveillance system can be! Even watch live or recorded video from anywhere in the world via your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Prevent... Protect... Profit...

Video Surveillance is more than just retail store security. PARK Security Systems' complete Video Surveillance Solutions are designed to address a wide variety of issues across your organization. Video Surveillance will create a significant return for your business' investment in product and personnel.

Advances in security camera technology are turning video surveillance into one of the most valuable loss prevention, safety/security and management tools available today. Retailers use security camera systems to monitor for shoplifters and dishonest employees, compile recorded evidence against bogus accident claims and monitor merchandising displays in stores that may be hundreds of miles away. Manufacturers, governments, hospitals and universities use security camera systems to identify visitors and employees, monitor hazardous work areas, thwart theft and ensure the security of their premises and parking facilities. 

Networked Video Surveillance

Our cameras can be networked to allow you to view video images over computer networks or the Internet. This networking capability makes our cameras suitable for a diverse range of security and non-security applications. The main benefits of network camera video technology can be summarized as follows:

  • Access to live or recorded video images from wherever you are.
  • Monitor multiple remote sites from one central station.
  • Intelligent and automated features, making managing and maintaining a video system much easier, less resource intensive and more effective overall.
  • Use of existing networks reduces installation time and consumables.
  • Huge efficiency improvements and cost savings potential.

Video Surveillance Applications 

  • Observe and record theft or violence by overtly monitoring retail floor space, office buildings, building perimeters, warehouses, loading docks and parking garages.
  • Monitor sensitive areas where infrequent activities occur (i.e. confidential records, safes, etc..)
  • Monitor point-of-sale exceptions (cash register voids, over-rings, etc..) reducing cashier theft.
  • Liability Issues and Claims, video solutions provide tamperproof, encrypted and watermarked video that can be copied securely and saved for as long you need it to protect your business.
  • Traffic Flow Analysis can help you to understand where people go in your store and the path they take to get there.
  • Integrate with access control systems to provide video of persons entering and leaving the premises
  • Observe and record shoplifting activities.
  • Perform covert surveillance (where legally applicable)